Healing & Wounding

Healing & Wounding

“The reason cure works better than prevention is because with cure you are at least actually targeting your efforts in the right place. With prevention you have to target the whole society, which means that it is everything and it is nothing.”

A quote about cancer? Heart disease? No, neither. Nor about any disease… it is about how to deal with the terror threat, and was written by a notable journalist in The Weekend Australian.

So why am I quoting it?

Because it could just as well refer to health and disease, and the efforts of modern medicine.

In modern western, or what is being increasingly referred to as scientific medicine, we are quite good at dealing with cures. But we are not so good with prevention.

Why is this? Well, maybe the quote points to a reason. If we apply the rationale behind looking for a cure to prevention, we tend to target causes – or what western scientific medicine perceives as causes.

But what if we are looking at the wrong cause? Or – as an affront to scientific medicine – there isn’t one. But instead a whole spectrum of interacting factors across the mind-body continuum, where no one factor is the actual cause… they all are.

Instead, with prevention, a holistic approach is essential. “You have to target the whole person (my change), which means that it is everything…” I’ll skip the “nothing”, because I find it negative, nihilistic, and inaccurate.

The caption implies that damage is overcome, not negated or denied. It involves an acceptance of our wounding – we all have it – but the spiritual ability of the awakened soul – maybe awakened by the wounding – to transcend it.

Instead, too often, we look for a cure where there is none. But, unlike the journalist’s quote, this doesn’t mean “nothing”. It means everything, as only a holistic approach heals.