What is a Holistic Health Appraisal?

What is a Holistic Health Appraisal?

A Holistic Health Appraisal is automatically conducted at the first meeting I have with any client, even when the initial intention is to start a therapeutic process.

It is a counselling approach that may extend to education, and includes the development of a strategic plan for the client’s self health management. This may also provide the client with alternative approaches and even referral to other therapists or practitioners.

I collate the information provided by the client through their own story, as well as any supportive health and personal information they may have. At this stage I am blending what is usually a modern medical or psychological perspective into a more holistic one that includes complementary and approaches from other health disciplines.

This may extend to further more psychospiritual perspectives, if required, particularly if a therapeutic process is anticipated.

At the end of this meeting I then provide a provisional strategic management outline to the client. We then engage in a discussion process to decide on a final plan.

My further involvement will depend on this final version. It may or may not include me further; this depends on our agreement on this point, and as to whether I take an ongoing role of a counselling health manager, or a more active therapeutic one.

The orientation to this whole process is holistic and encourages self responsibility, personal empowerment and control in the strategy and its enactment – these factors are essential in any healing process.

I remain directed by and respectful of the client’s beliefs, values and attitudes toward their health and personal development.