Too Much Politics In Healthcare?

Too Much Politics In Healthcare?

Do not have your intelligence about managing your own health erased. This article is to encourage you to retain your insights, independence and authority in the management of your personal health.

Where medicine goes, so follows healthcare generally. So, as you read this about modern western medicine, see it as the future of healthcare delivery generally, then maybe think that George Orwell had in right in his prophetic works Animal Farm and 1984.

Many look back with mixed views about Gough Whitlam’s introduction of Medicare in Australia. It may have satisfied the political and social aspirations of many, but has it delivered to the general population in the way envisioned? Did Australia not look and learn from the British experience of the National Health?

We now have a system of delivery that is politically controlled, although many would put the corporate interests of the pharmaceutical industry in that category. We now have many levels of control over service and product delivery, with these established institutions operating in an autonomous manner.

Medicine is caught in a pincer movement between the increasing demands of a fearful public and being answerable to the unseen controls, sometimes dictatorial, of the political system of the day, plus the various institutions that oversee it, supposedly in the public interest.

With these controls, and access to the health dollar, this net is spreading and now including more at both the practitioner and health product level, where the latter increasingly only being able to be accessed through a registered practitioner.

If these matters do not concern you, maybe they should. Many years ago I came to this great country because of the social freedom and optimism about the future. In the area of healthcare this era may be passed, but not necessarily gone.

It is time to exercise our authority and integrity, and not to be disempowered by our supposed political “masters”. Look to the services that satisfy your individual needs, and not those decided for you and determined by authoritarian others. Look to a baseline of health in nutrition and supportive healthcare products that you can determine independently.

Look to your basic health needs as part of your weekly shopping basket and not in a pharmacy. Use practitioners in response to your health needs, and not the dictates of institutions. Remain empowered and in control of your health needs, even in illness and disease.

Be aware that, contrary to the “public interest” mantra, that what is portrayed in the media may not always be in your personal interests. Be informed, critical and in control.