The Odyssey Project

An odyssey is “a long voyage or spiritual quest, usually marked by many changes of fortune”. We’ve adopted this concept to name a comprehensive psycho-spiritual project that relies upon Dr Kennan’s varied and wide-ranging professional and spiritual interests.

The project is specifically directed for the mature seekers who are keen to add a more holistic, creative and spiritual dimension to their life and work.

Dr Kennan’s interests are in holistic personal development and not on the attainment of formal qualifications or accreditation. As a result, he employs traditional teaching and training methods to facilitate personal development and professional enhancement.

Odyssey Diploma

Odyssey specifically employs ancient wisdom and modern therapeutic methods within a fundamentally intrapsychic and spiritual approach to health, healing and personal development.

Odyssey explores and uses a wide variety of disciplines and traditions. These include shamanism; mythology; alchemy; magic; sexuality; depth psychology; creativity; healing, as well as other health and medical systems, both ancient and modern.

The exploration seeks as much as possible to use seasonal and other annual cyclic patterns, and to set rituals and initiatory practices in the context of both theory and practice over a two-year period.

While the Odyssey Diploma is a stand-alone course, and is designed for personal and spiritual development, the Odyssey Diploma can also be used as a basis for career enhancement, including as an initial stage of the psychotherapy training (outlined below).

Conducted Online with Tutor Support.
Cost: $6,900

Who is the Odyssey suitable for?

Odyssey is specifically designed for the 21st century spiritual seeker of a predominantly western orientation, who has a particular interest in the healing arts from a more depth psychological, magical and creative perspective.