Preventative Health

Preventative Health

Modern Western Medicine has made an enormous contribution to healthcare in many sectors. Dealing with trauma, acute illness and many surgical procedures has been spectacular.

However, in the area of prevention the jury is still out. The vaccination debate highlights this issue, if nothing else.

The basic error is that “scientific medicine”, which has usurped all other adjectives to the discipline, has made a fundamental error: In dealing with suffering as a response to illness and disease, it believes it can roll back the clock and use the same principles with respect to prevention.

This is evidently – meaning backed by evidence – not the case. And, of course, the Pharmaceutical industry has got in on the act, just look at issues like cholesterol and blood pressure management.

The fundamental flaw is that science – that looks to causes – does not work in prevention, because in prevention there are no causes. There are matrices of events that act together in a holistic manner.

Consequently only a holistic approach will have any effect. This means not only looking at physical causes (if there are any), but also emotional, social, intellectual, occupational, environmental and spiritual factors involved in the genesis of illness and disease.

Miss any one of these factors and the house of cards may come tumbling down… prevention is a Holy Grail. And like all holy grails it remains mysterious and seemingly out of reach – particularly if looked for simplistically and materially.