The Odyssey Project and The Diploma in Traditional Medicine Ways

An Odyssey can be defined as: a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune. Alternatively, it can be seen as an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest, or, a series of experiences that give knowledge or understanding.

An archetypal concept, Homer’s Odyssey is simply one version of the “hero’s journey” that is important in and central to many cultures. For example, in the Christian tradition we find this in the concept of pilgrimage and expressed in the Quest for the Holy Grail.

Our position is that an odyssey, as an archetypal process, transcends racial, ethnic, and cultural divisions; even sexual and political differences. Odyssey is, fundamentally, the alchemical process of change, or transformation. It is intimately connected to health and healing, life and death, in a psychological and spiritual context.

We have used the term Odyssey Project as an embracing term that includes the Diploma of Traditional Medicine Ways course, as well as Dr Kennan’s specific brand of psychotherapy, Odyssey Psychotherapy.

Dr Kennan and his Staff have delivered Traditional Medicine Ways from Ganieda Sanctuary and online, in various forms, since 1997.

Based on Anglo-Celtic Traditions, the medicines of these peoples, and the shamanic healing of other times and cultures, Dr Kennan has integrated his knowledge and experience of modern western medicine, depth psychology, and various healing modalities within a Traditional Medicine Ways framework.

Dr Kennan believes the medicine of the 21st century demands a reconnection to lost and forgotten traditional principles. It also demands re-visioning, or a paradigm shift in health and healing that is fundamentally holistic, and integrates other relevant disciplines.

The most recent incarnation of this process is the Diploma of Traditional Medicine Ways, which forms a basis for further personal and spiritual development within this atmosphere and educational framework. The project is specifically directed toward the mature seeker and personal researcher, keen for a more holistic, creative, and spiritual dimension to their life and work.

Dr Kennan’s interests are presented in a traditional teaching and training format, beyond the attainment of formal qualifications or accreditations; they are primarily for personal development and professional enhancement.
Ganieda Sanctuary provides a crucible for this process, in the manner of alchemy. We have a conference centre for workshops and retreats, ceremonial and ritual circles, and an underground sweathouse facility, in addition to other features that adorn and extend from Ganieda’s rich landscape.


The Diploma in Traditional Medicine Ways

While we award a diploma to those who complete the modules that comprise the Diploma of Traditional Medicine Ways course. The diploma should be seen less in academic terms and more as a process of personal initiation, change and career enhancement, as well as the development of a more spiritual – soulful – orientation to life, meaning and purpose.

The Diploma of Traditional Medicine Ways requires independent research, exploration, and is self-paced with tutor support. Its demands may be metaphorically seen as more post-graduate than under-graduate. A level of prior personal development must have been achieved by those admitted to the Diploma of Traditional Medicine Ways.

This development need not have been part of some training in a healing modality. Life experience itself may be enough for admission to the Diploma Course. All applicants will be considered on an individual basis.


Who will benefit from the Diploma of Traditional Medicine Ways?

The Diploma of Traditional Medicine Ways is suitable for those seeking:

    • Personal and spiritual development
    • To explore health and healing in a psychospiritual context
    • An understanding of disciplines that impact on healing
    • To clarify and achieve personal and vocational goals

It is particularly suitable:

  • For health professionals wishing to augment their practices by developing a more holistic approach to healing
  • As a foundation to Odyssey Psychotherapy training


General Introduction to the Diploma of Traditional Medicine Ways

Although represented here in a Modular form, this is simply to convey the material content that comprises the Diploma.

It is an outline only, as the course itself is flexible and may vary with both participant and circumstance.

There are 8 Modules delivered over a 2-year period:

Module Content
M1 The Body
  • The mechanical body
  • Instinct, sex and emotion
  • Body ecology
M2 The Mind
  • The brain & psychosomatics
  • Depth psychology: Jung & beyond
  • Other disciplines and traditions
M3 The Medicinal Arts
  • Eros: sex & desire
  • Logos: mind & soul
  • Thanatos: birth, death & resurrection
M4 The Western Medicine Wheel
  • Ritual, healing & ceremony
  • Myths to live by
  • Practical magic
M5 Traditional and Modern Healing
  • The shaman’s world
  • Modern western medicine
  • Other relevant traditions
M6 Holistic Health
  • Story: personal narrative
  • Intuitive diagnostics
  • Nature’s medicine bag
M7 Creativity
  • Creativity: place and significance
  • Metaphor, symbol & the imagination
  • The dreaming process
M8 21st Century Healing
  • Re-visioning the body
  • Soulfulness
  • Spiritual arts & sciences


Odyssey Psychotherapy

Kennan provides a specialised training, based on Traditional Medicine Ways, for graduates in this area. Individually developed according to the background and needs of each applicant, the main focus is on one-to-one therapy and supervision.


Ganieda Sanctuary

Although self-paced and taking advantage of online facilities, the Diploma of Traditional Medicine Ways is generally focussed on direct contact and associated delivery formats; i.e. Face-to-face, seminar, workshop and retreat.

Along with our rooms in Perth, Ganieda Sanctuary provides the hub and main location for these activities. Ganieda provides other facilities that support the overall concept and intent of the Odyssey Project from a ritual and retreat perspective.

Ganieda is located on the south coast of Western Australia’s Great Southern, close to the nearby city of Albany. It is accessible from Perth, Western Australia’s capital, by a one-hour flight or five-hour drive.

Odyssey Project Staff

Dr Kennan Taylor

Dr Kennan Taylor

Dr. Anni Hoddinott

Dr Anni Hoddinott

Course Contributors & Advisors

Antonia Naarstig

Antonia Naarstig

Ben Bruce

Ben Bruce

Christine Hedman

Christine Hedman