Mind Body Medicine

Mind Body Medicine is in contrast to the modern scientific and medical perspective that sees mind and body as mutually exclusive; and which further sees the mind to be an extension of the body, or more specifically the brain.

Aided by the agencies and institutions that surround and police health, Dr Kennan maintains that this approach simply encourages an illness and disease perspective, from what is essentially the wide and varied range of human experience.

In addition, Dr Kennan sees modern medicine itselfto have been usurped by the scientific method, whilst ignoring its broad and rich roots in traditional and folk medicines. He also does not restrict medicine to simple diagnosis and treatment, as in modern western medicine, but extends it to the psychic and spiritual realms of our lives.

Psychocentricity means a primary focus around the psyche or mind. A psychocentric focus on the subjective, mental self is the major determinant of personality and mental activity, rather than on the cerebral, neurophysiological elements, or the physical brain.

In medicine the psychocentricfocus is on this mental activity as the major determinant of health and healing. It includes such features as self-responsibility, empowerment and self-determination in how our health is managed and healing effected.

Psychocentricity is not “selfishness” but rather an expression of individuation, with the focus on personal and spiritual development. It is the ability to appreciate and understand our unique place in the world and to determine our own path, where health is a contributor, major support and guide in this process.

Dr Kennan uses thesemore authentic views of health and medicine in his seminars, workshops and retreats irrespective of the topic. This is because there is no topic in health and medicine that a holistic worldview and psychocentric focus does not include.

Dr Kennan’s views may be controversial; his stories border on the irreverent, and you may not agree with all he has to say. But you will be encouraged to think and challenged in your attitudes, values and beliefs.

And this is what is required in the modern scientific, mechanical and impersonal health era. You are probably here because of dissatisfaction with your health status quo. But this will not change with the simple addition of more information that will merely confuse you, unless your mindset is also explored and, if necessary, adjusted or changed.

Information alone changes nothing: Change, healing and transformation occurs when thinking, feeling and action take on a different direction and focus.

And this is both Dr Kennan’s belief and his mission.


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