Holistic Health & Life

If you understand the basics of Holistic Health, either from our Foundations Course or elsewhere, then you might want to take your knowledge further by doing our Holistic Health & Life Course. It will add to your existing knowledge, by providing further information and enhancing the skills you need to support the management of your own health, and that of those nearest and dearest to you.

The Holistic Health & Life Course provides practical application to all areas of your life within the personalised atmosphere of the workshop setting. The course covers physical, emotional, and mental health and wellbeing, extending to your environment socially, occupationally and spiritually.

You might have a strong passion for helping people… and maybe want to start with your own health and personal development journey. This is always a good and maybe the best way to start, and can then flow on naturally to your own family and friends.

Holistic Health & Life is a personally directed and flexible journey through health, healing and personal development – life in its fullest – from modern western, alternative and traditional perspectives.

This course is delivered in a workshop format over two extended weekends. The deliveries will be accompanied by group tasks, interactive question time, periods for reflection and discussion, and further information to pursue at your leisure.


  • An individualised exploration of Holistic Health as a basis of management of your health planning and its direction
  • Personal development, by understanding health in the broader context of psychological and spiritual development
  • Professional and occupational enhancement
  • The relationship of health to wellbeing, business, financial reward and leadership
  • Providing a basis for further training in health and healing disciplines within the Holistic Life Institute


  • Guidelines for managing your own health
  • Guidelines on dealing with the Health Establishment
  • Appreciating the relationship between:
    • Health and Holism
    • Health and the medical sciences
    • Health and the healing arts
    • Health, wellbeing and life
    • Attitudes, values and beliefs, and your life’s meaning, purpose and direction

Discover, in practical ways, how YOUR story fits into your own unique personality, and gain the tools for managing your own health, wellbeing and life direction.

This short yet comprehensive program is designed to help us all review our life patterns, assess present circumstances surrounding our health… and be empowered to take control of your health and life direction.

With our Team’s inspiring and sometimes controversial approach to health and wellbeing, health need not be all based on hard work, fear, doom and gloom. Holistic health management can be challenging, even exciting, and at times fun. It is also profoundly connected to your life’s journey, so expect a little magic!


  • The Body and the Environment
    • Bodily Systems & their Interrelationship
    • Nutrition & the Environment
  • Life: The Inner Emotional and Outer Social
    • Feelings & Behaviour
    • Our Social Network
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
    • How the Mind Works
    • Intellect & Creativity
  • Meaning, Direction & Purpose
    • Work, Wealth & Wellbeing
    • The Soul & Spirituality


  • Directions for further information
  • Guidelines to further reading
  • Online support
  • Membership and further resources

We will provide you with the support you need to help and gain the confidence you require to not only practice Holistic Health & Life, but to share your knowledge and skills with others you love and care about.

After completing this course, you may upgrade to other advanced certificate courses in the Holistic Life Institute. If you decide to do the Holistic Health & Life course by itself you will be awarded a Certificate and Membership of the Academy.