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Certificate Course in Holistic Health Coaching


Certificate Course in Holistic Health Coaching


Coaching is directed toward “helping improve your personal and/or professional life by offering support and encouragement while suggesting new ways to achieve your goals”. At least that is one of many such contemporary definitions, although they all contain the same general message.

What makes us different is that we recognise there is an essential prior and ongoing step in this coaching process:

Unless your client has a sound understanding of and basis in health and wellbeing, their best intentions and attempts to achieve their life ‘goals’, direction and purpose are likely to be denied, undermined, prevaricated on, sabotaged… and ultimately fail.

There are many reasons for this, which may include:

  • The physical health status of your client – meaning yourself-as-client, partner, family, friend or ‘customer’ – physical health status is below par and can obstruct their best intentions at both the physical (or energetic) and mental (or cognitive) levels.
  • Your client’s mental status is not optimised and can be thwarted by others – family, friends and society generally – even though these people may claim to have your client’s best intentions at heart.
  • Your client may sabotage the process by their own internal and conditioned thought processes and feeling states of pessimism, guilt and fear.
  • Your client may lack a connection with your deeper inner resources that reside in the soul and are guided spiritually toward fulfilling their life’s ambitions and goals.

This brief survey shows that a healthy orientation is fundamental and foundational to the health and life coaching process, for both coach and client. It will also be noted that this health survey is “holistic”, in that it includes the body, mind, soul and spirit in health and wellbeing.

We know that any health management is incomplete unless it is holistic in both outlook and direction.

Sport coaching has increasingly recognised and included the mental aspects of performance. Health coaching has emerged to further the mental perspective into life goals and direction, and is particularly oriented toward the business sectors. The issue of physical health has become an increasing factor in productivity outcomes. All these trends point to a more comprehensive approach, integrating body and mind, which we embrace in Holistic Health Coaching. While spiritual development is on the horizon of all coaching approaches, only a sound holistic foundation will allow us to pursue wellbeing on that plane.

In this Holistic Health Coaching Course you will find such a comprehensive approach to holistic health at the physical, emotional and mental levels. Whilst we will be touching on the spiritual realms here, this will be an integral part of the succeeding course in Holistic Counselling, and elsewhere within the Holistic Health College.

From this basis in holistic health, you will be helped to develop your own individual and innate skills to support, guide and advise others wanting to develop and mature with respect to their health, life direction and goals.

The course material will give you the essential foundations in the principles of holistic health and life coaching, which we consolidate in the Certificate of Holistic Health Coaching.

The degree to which you study and employ the written course, explore and assimilate the additional information in any additional study activities, expand your knowledge and expertise with your fellow travellers, and take advantage of the expertise of your tutors will be the degree to which you become a successful and fulfilled Holistic Health Coach.

A. General Introduction to Holistic Health Coaching

  • There is a course introduction and eight modules.
  • Most modules have a recommended minimum one-month to complete, but for the more complex ones two months is recommended.
  • However, you are at liberty to take as little or as long as you like.
  • Each module has three sections of reading material, websites, activities and a concluding assignment.
  • Each student (or “you”) will receive the ongoing support of a tutor (one of “us”) during the entire course.
  • The course time commitment is estimated at four hours per week and tutor contact one hour per module.
  • Other forums exist for further information, exploration, and collaboration.
  • You will be asked to demonstrate interviewing techniques and abilities in various ways as you progress through the course.

B. Who will benefit from the HHCoaching Course?
Holistic Health Coaching is suitable for both individuals and many groups of people:

  • For personal development;
  • To increase awareness about health management for self and family;
  • To clarify and achieve occupational and career goals;
  • To augment a business, such as health product delivery;
  • To develop a specific holistic health coaching career*;
  • For health professionals, wishing to augment their practices with a more detailed holistic approach and to gain a coaching perspective, and
  • As a foundation to the Holistic Counselling certificate.

* Please note:
If the Holistic Health Coaching Course is used for the basis of a coaching career, under whatever preferred title, the successful Graduate is asked to make a written submission of this intent to the Dean.
The Holistic Health College will maintain a register of those who undertake coaching as a career; to build a network and allow us to communicate further educational material that the College undertakes.

C. A Brief Course Outline
There are 8 Modules, plus an Introductory Module:

Module Content
M1 The Principles of Holistic Health  

to be able to state clearly the nature and objectives of Holistic Life Coaching by understanding health and holism.


M2 Modern Western Medicine  

to understand the role that Modern Western Medicine can play in your clients achieving the right state of health to set goals.


M3 Metabolism, Nutrition and Exercise  

to facilitate your clients’ understanding of the principles of nutrition and exercise, so that they can use those principles to achieve the right state to set goals.


M4 Environmental Health  

to facilitate our clients’ awareness of the nature and sources of environmental toxins, and of the means for eliminating or reducing the levels of those toxins, so that our clients can achieve the right state to set goals.


M5 Complementary and Alternative Medicines  

to understand Complementary and Alternative Medicines and the role that they can play in our clients achieving the right state to set goals.


M6 Mental Health  

to develop the capacity to determine whether our clients would benefit from a period of counselling and, if necessary, to identify a counsellor with whom we and our clients can work to achieve the right state to set goals.


M7 Holistic Case Assessment  

to develop sets of questions that will both help identify the physical and/or psychological factors that are preventing our clients’ from achieving the right state to set goals, and to determine the information or assistance our clients will need to achieve that state.


M8 The Art of Coaching  

to be able to imagine ourselves acting as a Holistic Life Coach, as a final step in preparing to meet with clients.



You will receive a Certificate in Holistic Health Coaching
with the Holistic Health College on satisfactory completion of the course
You also qualify to become a member of the
International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT)

Holistic Health Coaching Course Disclaimer:

Holistic Health Coaching is not a medical speciality and this Coaching Course provides no training that can or should be understood to qualify certified Holistic Health Coaches to give medical advice at any time and in any form.

Website Disclaimer:

We provide links to many websites that we think offer interesting ideas or useful thoughts. We do not include them because we agree with them or think that their advice should be followed. We provide direct links to other websites, as a valuable resource, so that we are not treated as experts.

Medical Disclaimer:

The information in this course is not intended as medical advice or to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional. We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.

Training Organisation Status:

The Holistic Health College is an autonomous and independent body, and is not a registered training organisation.


The Holistic Health College offers courses that are unique to the coaching and counselling fields, which it regulates internally with its certification process and affiliations. The College does not accredit nor consider receiving a Certificate to be a form of accreditation. Coaching and counselling training is presently unregulated.