Foundations of Holistic Health


To provide an individualised exploration of Holistic Health as a basis for…

  • Managing your Own Health
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Enhancement
  • Further Training in Health Disciplines

We do this by giving you…

  • An appreciation of health from a holistic perspective
  • Understanding your personal motives for wanting to be involved with Holistic Health
  • Differing perspectives on health and the healing arts
  • A self assessment process as you progress and an assignment on completion

You will receive…

  • Certification of satisfactory course completion
  • Membership of the Holistic Life Institute


The Foundation Course offers you the opportunity to undertake your own personal examination of the field of health and healing, which we call Holistic Health.

Holistic Health identifies and covers four main areas:

  • Health and Health Systems
  • The Healer and the Healing Relationship
  • The Healing Setting
  • Healing and the Healing Process

You begin from the western world’s current positions on health and medicine There follows an outline of the pros and cons of western modern medicine We then extend your perceptions of alternative, historical, traditional, and other cultural health perspectives From this you will find that a new perspective of health consciousness emerges, which we call Holistic Health Also… The Foundation Course orientation is both personal and reflective There is no need to do any additional reading or research beyond what is contained in the Course

You explore the four principle components of Holistic Health over a minimum five-week period.

  • In the first four weeks you read a short essay introducing the main features of that week’s area of Holistic Health
  • You can undertake Activities that expand on these features
  • Each week will be finished with a brief multi-choice questionnaire
  • At the completion of the course you have a week to complete a written Assignment with Tutor guidance, as required
  • You receive a Certificate, Membership and ongoing resources from the Institute on satisfactory completion of the Foundation Course