Dads can harm kids’ health

Dads can harm kids’ health

FATHERS have an important influence over the future health of their children from the moment of conception, according to Australian research.

In the long term this could determine if the child becomes obese or develops type 2 diabetes.

It’s not only the sperm that’s important, say the University of Adelaide researchers. They have found that seminal fluid influences a range of developmental stages of the offspring, particularly in sons.

“We’re starting to understand the very complex signals and information being transmitted by the seminal fluid,” said research leader Sarah Robertson.

Although it was already known that the fluid was critical for conception, the new understanding of its role could lead to better advice and new options for infertile couples.

“It’s clear to us now that the seminal fluid produces signals that the embryo absolutely needs for the best possible start to life,” said Professor Robertson.

An embryo that managed to survive despite poor quality seminal fluid was likely to produce a person prone to disorders including obesity, high blood pressure and glucose intolerance.


Source: The Australian


Comment: Well, guys are more than just sperm donors? This may have implications about considering the male half of the species is redundant, so stored sperm is all that is needed for the future of the human race!

On a more serious note it puts us on alert about our sexual health, that of our hormones and glands like the prostate.