Dr Kennan with Cathy Clark. Cathy graduated in The Holistic Health & Life Course at Ganieda Sanctuary in 2014

Dr Kennan with Cathy Clark. Cathy graduated in The Holistic Health & Life Course at Ganieda Sanctuary in 2014

The Holistic Health College presents Dr Kennan Taylor’s extensive knowledge and experience in medicine, psychotherapy, and the healing arts into a teaching and training format.

Our Institute is directed toward personal education, life coaching and counselling, with a handpicked team of teachers, therapists and tutors.

Training and qualification is primarily viewed as a pathway to a more fulfilled life, purpose and career, as well as a continued relationship with the Institute as an extended community.

The Holistic Health College is characterised by a personalised and intimate approach to teaching, based on authentic principles of Holistic Health.

Dr Kennan’s courses are not generated by a computer but are run by real personnel. Dr Kennan and his trained tutors are personally involved in each and every course.

Free Course



A self-paced introductory course to discover exactly what holistic health is, and how it compares and differs from other views of health. Also how it can be understood, so that you may integrate it into your and your family’s health management philosophy, or broaden your professional scope.


Holistic Health Coaching

A Health Coach is someone who supports, encourages and empowers others by helping them develop and meet new goals in both their personal and professional lives. Holistic health is the ideal foundation for a health or life coaching career.

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More about Holistic Health Coaching
Holistic Health Coaching is a comprehensive course, which understands that holistic health and its management is an essential foundation for a successful Life Coaching practice, thus providing a significant step forward to what is already available in the Life Coaching field.

The course is delivered with nine online modules over a recommended minimum one-year period. Study guides, online readings, activities, and assignments accompany the course.

Conducted Online with Tutor Support
Receive Certification with the Holistic Health Institute
Cost: $1,950

Who Is Holistic Health Coaching suitable for?

Holistic Health Coaching can extend from a general interest in the holistic health field and for purely personal and family interest. It is specifically designed for those who wish to develop and train as Life Coaches with a fundamental health orientation.

As such Holistic Health Coaching can be a career change, or the augmentation of an existing one, particularly for people already in the health arena. Health Coaching also supports and extends upon many other business and professional career structures.

Holistic Counselling

Counselling is directed toward dealing with specific problems, making life adjustments, and a focus on health and wellbeing. The Holistic focus is directed toward an authentic, reflective, and insightful orientation to life challenges and transitions.

Training in Holistic Counselling is available to people who have satisfactorily completed the Holistic Life Coaching Certificate, or other Recognised Prior Learning, and wish to translate this into a Counselling career.

Counselling training is provided through Dr Kennan’s one-to-one mentorship, supported by an individualised and mutually agreed counselling and teaching programme.

Conducted by Personal Arrangement.
Cost: Individually determined, as fees will vary for each trainee; depending on prior learning and experience, as well as differing personal demands.

Who is Holistic Counselling suitable for?

Stepping beyond coaching into a counselling career is a specific calling for those who empathise with others on matters of health and personal direction, and who feel they have an aptitude for providing guidance this area.

Our Holistic Counselling understands that he therapeutic relationship is the core of any process of healing and finding personal direction. As such, our training in this area is provided not only online and through readings, but also involves personal growth work, done individually and in groups, and supported client supervision.

Dr Kennan provides further education in the form of:


  • 90 – 120 minute deliveries with question and answer time.
  • Varied topics; see below for a representative selection.
  • Topics for delivery can be in response to specific demand.


  • 1 or 2 day delivery, with interactive time, tasks plus Q&A time.
  • Workshops are commonly an extension of the seminar topics.


  • Residential and of several days duration, with delivery, interaction, ritual & ceremony.
  • Focus on psychospiritual dimensions of health and healing.

Locations are varied, with seminars in suitable locations. Workshops are similarly varied, although in WA the prime location is the seminar/workshop facility at Raglan Road. Retreats are held mainly at Ganieda Sanctuary, Albany.


  • Your Health is in Your Hands: Self Health Management
  • Holistic Methods to Health Management
  • The “Medical Industrial Complex”: Pros & Cons
  • Physiology & Pathology: Views on Health, Illness & Disease
  • Mind Body Medicine
  • Folk & Traditional Medicine
  • Complementary & Alternative Approaches to Health
  • The Pillars of Health: Brain, Immunity & Hormones
  • Where Is My Mind? Mental Health & Illness
  • Does Mental Disease Exist?
  • Sex & Medicine

More About The Holistic Health College

The Holistic Health College aims to provide quality and depth in holistic health and in personal development. We pride ourselves on our integrity and authenticity, and opt to maintain an unaligned and self-regulated stance.

Community: Our role at the Holistic Health College extends beyond teaching and training. We offer ongoing support and a community basis to our students and graduates.

Accreditation: The Holistic Health College offers courses that are unique to the health field, which it regulates internally with its certification process and affiliations. There is no official regulatory body for the courses we offer.

Training Organisation Status: The Holistic Health College is an autonomous and independent body, and is not a registered training organisation (RTO) by choice.

We augment graduation with optional membership of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT). IICT supports training bodies such as the Holistic Health College, recognises our teaching and training status, and offers further professional advantages.

Holistic Health College Staff

Teaching & Training

Dr Kennan Taylor

Dr Kennan Taylor

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