Be an Individual with Your Health!

Be an Individual with Your Health!

The trouble with prescriptive medicine is that it treats everyone the same, which is not surprising when the management is often based on evidence from rat experiments and statistics.

Ultimately health is your own, it must be tailored to your individual needs, values, attitudes and beliefs. And this can only happen if you take a self-managed approach prior to any method, formula or recommended treatment.

For example, almost without exception people who develop cancer and survive against the odds make a fundamental dietary change. There are some common patterns to this change, such as avoiding fast and processed foods, chemical additives and balancing their nutritional requirements as naturally as possible.

Yet beyond this general pattern (which we should adopt before we get cancer, by the way), there is an individualised approach that conforms more to attitudes and beliefs than it does to any finesse about nutritional content.

This balance of wisdom from both external sources and sources within us all – as individuals – is essential to a healthy and wholesome life. Being empowered and in control of your health requires a self health management attitude, and the courage to stick by it. You may need assistance developing one, but ultimately it is of your own making.

Remember the word health is synonymous with healing and wholeness, and even the word holy. In effect, health is intimately involved with how we live our lives in a spiritual manner.