About Dr Kennan’s Authentic Health

Dr Kennan
For Dr Kennan, good medical practise has always been far more than the study of illness and disease, or defined by their mere absence. Framed by social, psychological and spiritual dimensions, Authentic Health is achieved with an understanding of the power and benefits of combining physical and metaphysical healing practices, both traditional and modern.

Dr Kennan has dedicated over 30 years of working in the medical industry as a holistic general practitioner before focusing on psychotherapy and spiritual counselling. He has achieved global recognition as a leader in Authentic Health. In the psychological arena Dr Kennan has favoured Jung over Freud;the psycho-spiritual over the mechanical and biological. Dr Kennan initially qualified and practised as an analyst in the Analytical Psychology of Jung, before exploring and branching out into a broader psychotherapy landscape.

Dr Kennan sees mental health to rest on the traditions of religion and influenced by the mystery of life, where there exists an art-like alchemy that reach deep into pre-history, where mind and body were no longer split asunder, but unified within the immortal soul. Placed in the moderncontext, these arts talk of healing body, mind and spirit in a way modern approaches to mental health cannot.

From his ancestral past and upbringing Dr Kennan has favoured the Celtic medical traditions over the Mediterranean varieties. However, it was the latter that have subsequently found favour in Europe as a precursor and foundation to the modern scientific and medical era, and with which we are more familiar.

Yet these Northern European traditions were replete with ritual and ceremony, understanding herbs and the environment, both social and natural. They employed genuine medicine: charms and spells that engage the spirit within the healing process through the agency of the soul.

Dr Kennan has drawn deeply on tradition. In the modern sense, this has been to explore mental health in the disciplines of depth psychology and psychoanalysis. He has further explored physical health beyond his medical training in physiological science, environmental science and nutritional medicine, to empower clients to overcome health blockages naturally and under their own direction.

Authentic Health must embrace all of these influences, and more. True healing is more than curing, the mere alleviation of physical or mental impediment. It is the restoration of a balanced relationship to ourselves and our place in the world. It is also more than the mechanics of modern science and technology; it is of the heart as well as the head. Healing is fundamentally an art.

All this Dr Kennan brings to the professional table. He sees that healing is beyond politics, economics and institutions that control modern health. Counselling for both physical and mental health has been Dr Kennan’s bedrock, with psychotherapy the approach he has most enjoyed and which clients have readily appreciated. The limitations of the consulting room and the medical model has meant that educational seminars and experiential workshops have become an increased focus, mainly to the public who want a more self-determined approach to their health and its management.

The success of this has led naturally to teaching and training. Dr Kennan specifically enjoys the intimacy of workshops and retreats where he can be open, honest and convey his experience directly in teaching, but also training. These developments have always been in response to feedback and appreciation from participants.

Authentic Health is a noble and creative art. Dr Kennan believes his teaching to be for anyone interested in self health management, specifically for both body and mind. In many ways this is a modern version of traditional or “folk” medicine. The teaching naturally leads to training in the health fields for those drawn, and for others already in practice who want a more holistic and psycho-spiritual direction.