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A book to explore at leisure and leave on the coffee table. Because within ‘Crossroads’ are many different theories and approaches rolled into one. Dr Kennan places medicine in a traditional perspective that includes not only the body, but also the mind, emotions and spirit. A book that will open up different avenues into both illness and health that can help you in your pursuit of wellbeing.

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Growing Younger
This is a self-help health book with a difference. It is written from the consumer’s perspective, providing information that can be followed purposefully, and placed under your own direction. Not only does Dr Kennan blow many of the myths about the medical profession, but he puts health in a traditional, purposeful and optimistic orientation that includes illness and disease.
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Client Testimonials

Client testimonials range from across all facets offered in this website by myself and my staff. In some cases, it is important that, unless otherwise stated, anonymity is protected by the use of initials only. – Dr Kennan
  • Jenny Lenard

    Social Marketer

    I have heard Dr Kennan speaking a number of times over the years and have always been impressed with both his understanding and knowledge, and also his ability to communicate that knowledge across to his audience in a way that they totally get what he is saying! His down to earth approach to health and straightforward delivery is both refreshing and encouraging. I also appreciate that Kennan is always approachable at the conclusion of his talks to support and encourage participants, and doesn’t just rush off as many speakers do.
    Kennan’s talks are events I try not to miss and always encourage others to attend.

  • Kate Pollinger

    July 2016

    I'm a pretty sensitive and empathic person, which means that I have a tendency to worry - a lot! For years I saw this as a flaw, a neurosis and even wondered if there was something pathologically wrong with me. Kennan helped me realise that I was fine just the way I was. He taught me to channel that nervous energy into something positive - to learn how to journey inward in order understand my needs, and how to feel at ease in a world that I wasn't previously able to cope with. Following therapy I am so much stronger, with better boundaries and the knowledge that creativity and nature need to be an integral part of my life in order for me to feel fulfilled, content - and even sane! As an added bonus Kennan's training and experience as a GP, in particular his understanding of hormone replacement therapy meant that he was even able to provide suggestions in relation to medications I was taking. Switching to a different form of HRT also made a huge difference to my well-being. My therapy finished some time ago now, but I think of Kennan and the difference he has made to my life, often.
    Thank you, Kennan

  • Diana Kelberry

    July 2016

    Dr Kennan Taylor helped transform my health and wellbeing, at a time when I had given up ever being well again. He listened deeply and respectfully to my story, his treatment completely turned my life around.
    You are my hero Dr Kennan and the best medicine man there is. 
    In gratitude for the past 16 years of aliveness.

  • Jacqui Rodgers

    January 2014

    You have been the voice of reason when chaos was reigning around me, and most of all I have always felt safe and protected under your guidance and care.
    There are no words that I can write that can truly express my gratitude to you and the impact you have made on my life, from being a life of darkness, being at times in intolerable pain, sorrow and despair, to a life that now has light, colour and great promise – how do you ever thank someone for giving you the gift of a new life.

  • Claire Sell

    May 2014

    I first met Kennan when he was still in medical practice. I went to him, hoping that he would diagnose me with some awful, terminal disease. Partly because I wanted to die (and this way it wouldn’t be suicide) but mostly because it was the only way I could understand the awful empty blackness that consumed me. I was on anti-depressants and had seen counselors, so this seemed to be the only rational explanation to me. Fortunately (although it felt unfortunate at the time) Kennan explained that I was fairly healthy. I was misdiagnosed, incorrectly medicated and poorly managed by the health professionals I had seen prior to Kennan. Only once Kennan took over my management (both medically and in counseling) did I notice a change in how I felt. I have been off my medication for 15 months now and feeling better for it. The counseling with Kennan on a weekly basis has been the catalyst for my recovery. Kennan is not an impartial observer in the therapeutic process (which has been my experience before). He is an active participant – his sharing of his own journey and wounds gave me hope when I had none. Knowing that the person who is guiding you has felt this way before, and has come through the other side is uplifting and motivating. Kennan uses gentle encouragement and exploration to help you understand what has happened, why and how to move forward. By linking physical (body) experiences to emotional and spiritual experiences, Kennan has helped me to turn my life around. I no longer feel like I am being consumed by the empty blackness that was. I have moments, but Kennan has helped me to arm myself with tools to deal with this. I feel like I have a purpose and a path to follow again.

  • Brett Ridley

    April 2014

    I was first diagnosed with depression in my early 30's and throughout the years going back and forth to different doctors looking for answers and trying to get "help". Several times medications were increased and after about 9 years being given a diagnosis of Bipolar. More medications were given and I was feeling quite numb emotionally for a couple of years. I kept searching always thinking to myself "life has got to get better than this".
    I came to see Dr Kennan Taylor about 2 years ago and after the first consultation I felt I had finally found someone who would listen and work together with what I wanted to achieve with my own health. From then on we went to work as a team. It has not been easy but what worthwhile goals are ever easy? My goal was to become free of the toxic medications and deal with my emotional health holistically with good nutrition, counselling and support. We have been able to achieve this and I am forever grateful to have been fortunate to work with Dr Kennan Taylor.
    My journey continues without the masking affects the medications gave me. I have a more positive outlook on the future and hope this short note will inspire others to seek out help that does not have them left in a health system that fails to include them in their treatment.
    But of course you have to want to help yourself first.

  • Janine Giles

    April 2014

    I didn't ever think I could be where I am now; studying for the first time at 38 and being emotionally and mentally stable without anti depressants. Despite my persistent nagging of wanting you to tell me what I was supposed to be doing with my life, you made me do the work to find out for myself. Without your gentle nudging and unwavering support, I could never, ever have done that. Thank you

  • Michelle Frantom

    August 2014

    As a 'healer' you are intuitive and given me only what I needed when asked. I prefer to take responsibility for my own health where possible and you have supported that, only intervening and applying your knowledge (which I think is vast) when requested and when necessary, which is exactly how I like it. I always got a sense that you trusted my ability to heal myself and that gave me confidence to trust myself even more. So I guess your role in my life has been as some form of knowledgeable and accurate mirror.

  • Kim Broughton

    November 2014

    I saw Kennan for about twelve sessions. His questions can sometimes seem a little "out there" and you think "where an earth is he going with this" but it usually comes back round to a long lost issue that you'd forgotten about or he ties it up to a past event or something like that. His directness won't suit everyone, but that is always the case with therapy; you have to find a fit that suits you.
    I was allowed to be myself; there weren't any limits to our topics, nothing surprised him nor did he judge me. Very often I would be emailing him a few days after with something that had surfaced from his questions and this was good to let it evolve in this nature, as I am quite an impatient person. Altogether a very intuitive man that is open enough to say that he has been to several deep dark nasty places and has each and every one of the t-shirts! 

  • Liz Whitfield

    July 2016

    ​I have consulted Dr Kennan for over twenty years for various medical and personal issues​. He has had a profound impact on my physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. His approach to health and wellness is all encompassing addressing all aspects of the mind/body/spirit connection in treating the whole person and not just symptoms. I have found Dr Kennan to be an empowering practitioner and my life and health are better on every level, because of Dr Kennan's expertise and guidance.
    I highly recommend Dr Kennan.

  • Chandra Ellis

    July 2016

    I met Dr Kennan several years ago and having come from the care of a male clinical psychologist and then a female psychologist I was still searching for direction and help with my life choices.   Dr Kennan provided me with insight, support, guidance and at times blunt reality.  I particularly enjoy not only his clinical expertise but his worldly and vast knowledge pertaining to all things especially culture and traditions.  His approach to my care included not only any health issues but acknowledging conventions of society versus myself as an individual and then broadening my viewpoint from other cultural perspectives.  As a person I have gained greater courage through knowing Dr Kennan and constantly draw from things I have learned through him.  I still catch up with him, though less regularly, at times when things crop up requiring that very wise extra perspective.

  • Terri Lamera

    June 2016

    I returned to WA after 30 years of living and working in the film industry in Sydney. I was in my early 50's in search of a GP specialising in holistic medicine who had a knowledge of thyroid and hormone management in particular. I was recommended Dr Kennan Taylor and was immediately happy with the choice...I felt like Kennan was listening and that he really cared. He is also extremely knowledgeable in those two areas. I liked his way of presenting the options of treatment so that I could make my own choices. Kennan is highly intelligent and has a vast life experience, something I value in a practitioner.
    Over time he also helped me deal with grief when my father died and my mother became ill with Parkinson's disease. This knowledge and method of practice led me to choose him as a therapist. I found his therapy extremely helpful and I enjoyed his ability to help one move forward rather than remain stuck in the past and what caused the emotional issues. He is deeply spiritual, has a sense of humour and a very expansive mind...he is a truly valuable therapist.

  • Ben Bruce


    I have worked alongside Dr Kennan Taylor for many years now. He is an exceptional healer and a man of vision. In my psychology practice a collegial relationship with Dr Kennan has been a welcome adjunct; my patients have often benefited with his alternative treatments, especially tackling the subtle physical factors involved in mental disorders that many may shy away from in a generalized allopathic medical approach. One size may fit many, but certainly not all. The ‘too-hard basket’ clearly piqued Dr Kennan’s curiosity. Enjoying liminal space, or life on the edge, he pushes the envelope of practice. Rather than forsaking the patient for conservative herd-mentality, not to mention the bureaucratic and plutocratic influences all over health care, Dr Kennan is a true medicine man as he puts the patient first. He is not afraid to live in the question no matter the supposed dictates of conservative norms. He now teaches and consults within the broader remit of a holistic health practice and continues to enlighten us all with his written works. Dr Kennan also embraces his ancient origins and traditions. As a shamanic druid practitioner he is able to help people connect with their ancient ancestry, bringing renewed purpose and meaning. Health in integral wisdom becomes a journey as well as a state of being. Dr Kennan helps individuals to discover their own health journey and to heal on all levels.

  • Rod Whitbread

    Dr Kennan Taylor has been my General Practitioner for several years up until not long ago when he decided to venture into a new field. Over the many years that I was a client of Dr Taylor’s I was over impressed with his attitude to dealing with me as a client as he always went the extra step in assisting with “any” problems whether they be medical or personal and you would always walk out from your appointment feeling a lot better than when you went in.

    I found Dr Taylor different from other Doctors in that he treated you with self-respect and you could feel that his comments/feedback were from the heart and were bound with endless years of knowledge in his areas of expertise. In my opinion he changed my personal attitude to Doctors in general as I had not come across a person of his high caliber prior to using him as my normal Doctor. His persona was that of a very friendly person with an “I can help you” attitude and his professionalism complimented this.

    Given the experience and all of the positive points that Dr Taylor has I believe that he will be very successful in his new venture and I wish him well.

    Rod Whitbread

  • Stuart McDonough

    Clinical Nurse Specialist / Manager [Mental Health]

    Over a period of approximately 18 months, I have known and engaged with Dr Kennan Taylor in his capacity as a psychotherapeutic counsellor.

    Throughout this period, he has facilitated for me a continuum of twelve counselling sessions, with the focus being on both my personal-life issues and my professional development.

    As a practising Mental Health Professional of some forty years experience; not surprisingly, I do not and never have, found it “easy” to take on the role of the client and in many ways, my experience of many “mainstream” counselling modalities has been somewhat uninspired.

    Kennan, whilst very well informed and qualified in the mainstream domain, brings to his practice a wealth of other qualifications, experiences and attitudes; which fully and consistently transform each session into an experience for the client which is humanistic, empathetic, contextualised, genuinely holistic and most importantly, authentic.

    He has both the capacity and ability to bring to each session, a sense of mutual trust and respect, facilitating a sense of a “shared journey”, whereby stories, experiences and reflections can be equally exchanged.

    Boundaries, whilst fluid, are always appropriate and through this, there becomes manifest, a “middle ground” where as a client, one feels safe to express oneself confidently within the therapeutic space created.

    His ability to impart and explore with the client, a depth and breadth of knowledge pertinent to the human condition, results in the client leaving each session feeling enriched, often optimistic and above all, understood.

    He is, from my experience an extraordinarily accessible and gifted counsellor, whom I can confidently endorse with my highest recommendation.

  • Dr. Rafael G. Locke

    National Director, Ikon International Institute; National Director, Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society; Visiting Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences, University of Virginia, Charlottesville

    I am delighted to write in support of Dr. Kennan Taylor’s application for admission to the doctoral program in transpersonal counselling. In my opinion, Dr.Taylor is an excellent candidate for the following reasons. In the first place, he is a first-rate practitioner in psychotherapy and medicine who brings a humanistic and innovative approach to his healing work. He has contributed significantly to integrative and spiritual perspectives on medical and psychotherapeutic practice. Second, he has a fine mind expressed in his ability to analyse, integrate and report on a wide range of topics to do with science, medicine, spiritual life and community dimensions of healing. He would be able to accommodate the doctoral work-load comfortably and to perform in it with excellence and, I believe, make a contribution to transpersonal work through his imaginative and skilled work. Third, he has superior writing skills which are exemplified in his books and articles which are wide-ranging and which engage transpersonal perspectives. Fourth, Dr. Taylor’s completion of the doctoral program will facilitate the development of much-needed services to persons who will benefit from the psychospiritual framework of transpersonal counselling.

    I have known Dr. Taylor as a colleague for over 30 years and he embodies clear and worthy ethical standards in his professional and personal life. His conduct in both areas is outstanding.

  • April Overington

    1. Dr Kennan Taylor's extensive knowledge & experience in both the complementary and traditional medical fields makes his seminars & workshops really informative, interesting & empowering. His honest, down to earth & interactive style makes for a fun & entertaining experience that is always worth travelling for!
    2. From the first minute of my first appointment with Dr Taylor, I felt comfortable & at ease. He's a fantastic listener and is genuinely committed to helping people take control of their health.

    He made suggestions on actions that would be beneficial to me, explained why they would be helpful and coached me on how to better communicate with my family doctor. I feel empowered & confident and I highly recommend Kennan 's health coaching.

  • Sue Harness

    Kennan Taylor describes himself as an MD, Maverick Doctor. The World needs more Maverick Doctors. I needed one. I had a challenging relationship with Medical Doctors. I loved it when I thought they were fixing my health issues. I was challenged by their apparent ties to the pharmaceutical industry and the impersonal approach to my health and wellness. Kennan Taylor was a disruptive influence in shaping my new thoughts. After attending the first in a series of seminars I realized that it isn’t GP’s who are responsible for my health, it’s ME. In subsequent seminars Kennan engaged me with a model to manage my own wellbeing, mental, physical, emotional and social. That has been empowering.

  • Felicity Njoroge N.D

    Falcon Naturopathic Centre

    I met Kennan at a weekend retreat in South Yunderup, I had been inspired to attend his Sunday talk, because the talk he was going to deliver was on why he had chosen to follow the alternate, or shall I say traditional method of treating his clients. I found Kennan to be very sincere and genuinely interested in what and how he could help to inspire a clients individual "healing journey". He included a lot of treating the person as a whole, listening to the spirit, and the body's signs as a guide to understanding everybody's unique healing journey! Here is a medical doctor that treats the "body, mind and spirit/soul" and really listens to that person is a whole, and takes the "TIME" to deeply understand and see the whole of the person picture! Since then, I have sent a few clients to Kennan for instruction, especially between holistic medicine and mainstream misunderstandings and lack of support and empathy. My clients found Kennan to be very supportive and came away from the appointment with a lot of support and direction and ready to continue their healing journey with renewed vigor! I highly recommend Kennan Taylor for instruction and support.

  • Steve Landells

    Total Massage Care - Albany W.A

    To whom it may concern,
    I have attended two parts of Dr Kennan Taylor’s Holistic Health Seminars thus far.
    I have found the seminars to be informative and helpful in my dealings with clients. Kennan presents in an interesting, entertaining manner, giving plenty of opportunity to ask questions or even present your own anecdotes.
    Whether you are a health professional or just have a keen interest from a layman’s point of view, I can heartily recommend Kennan’s seminars.

  • Michelle Frantom (PhD)

    During the 22 years I have known Kennan Taylor he has been passionate about holistic health and healing. In fact, it is probably his raison d'etre. I suspect it is this dedication that makes him such an empathic and knowledgeable healer.

  • Ken Whitfield

    Dr Kennan Taylor has been a friend of mine for 14 years. During that time I have had quite a number consultations from him as a patient. Kennan is only practitioner I have met that has the ability to truly listen and value my input. I have always walked away from his consultations with a strong feeling of confidence, assurance and most importantly, solutions. Kennan is a rare commodity in amongst the multitude of practitioners that work in the field of medicine and holistic therapies. He is the only one that puts the power of healing back into your hands.

  • Barry Lloyd

    "Dr Kennan Taylor has left the constraints of general practice and can now teach us the dangers of modern medicine. Quite simply he is a genius - learn from him".

  • Peter Rozsy

    "Dr Kennan Taylor has amazing knowledge in the area of health in its widest definition. The challenge for all of us is how to access this knowledge to learn about ourselves and our health. I suggest we all grab what we can from him however we can."

  • Lawrence Ellyard, MD

    As a professional body for the natural therapies industry for the last 12 years, IICT has always prided itself on aligning with and approving allied Heath Professionals and Training Providers who offer credible and high standards for the Complementary Health Arena. The Holistic Life Institute, Dr Kennan Taylor and his team are truly aligned with our ideals. I have no hesitation in recommending them and their programs as they really are a credit to the industry."

  • Rev Ken Whitfield


    Dr Kennan Taylor is the most innovative practitioner I have ever met. That is based on personal experience as one of his patients. He has challenged mainstream medicine with authority of a highly trained physician. He does this not as a rebel but as someone who has clear insights into what is required for the proper healing process. He is the only GP who has given his patients the ability to be in charge of their own health by giving them to tools to be able to do so. He is a fine and compassionate man.

  • Antonia Naarstig

    Editor & Publisher

    Dr Kennan Taylor is an exceptional human being. Kennan possesses a formidable intellect that is guided by a powerful intuition. To my mind, Kennan personifies the ideal marriage of the formal, traditional and empirical with the mystical, magical and esoteric. I have known Kennan for many years and on many levels, as a friend, collaborator, consultant and client. Our connection has only served to enrich my personal and professional growth and I am grateful that our paths have crossed. I highly recommend Kennan as a healer and journey guide, he is an inspirational and grounded individual.

  • Jene Moody


    I don't know anyone whose intellect & praxis covers as much traditional & non-traditional, empirical & mystical, medical & shamanic territory, integrates it as elegantly and speaks/teaches/writes it as simply & naturally as Kennan Taylor does. He is a truly unique healer. I wholeheartedly recommend all 'seekers' make a point of at least one session with him - for any reason (therapy, advice, ritual). It won't be what you expect, it might be a while before you know what *it* is -- and you'll never forget it.